• Slighting the Hands That Feed Us

    Our Director's Michigan Bar Journal Article Explains Need for Better Employment Laws and More Frequent Court Enforcement How Labor Laws Leave Farmworkers in Left Field.  Michigan Bar Journal, November 2016, Employment and Labor Law feature, by  Teresa Hendricks Pitsch.

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    • 28 December 2016
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  • MI Farmers Want Driver’s Licenses For Migrant Workers

    As many of you know, we've mobilized growers in support of drivers' licenses for farm workers --many of whom are undocumented migrants who haven't been able to get a driver's license since 2008.  We've been including growers in our conversations with legislators to support bills introduced by Rep. Chang and others that would allow driver's licenses and state IDs for these workers. The good news is that Farm Bureau is now formally backing support for the bills, and is hoping their recently passed resolution will give the house bills a shot at passage.  The bad news is that there may

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  • OSHA’s New Safety Standard Excludes Farmworkers

    This is incredible.  Farm workers were historically excluded from labor laws enacted in previous eras.  This has been a long and shameful discriminatory past.  But then this happens:  in the year 2016, when we have a chance to include them in labor protections, OSHA says not so fast.  Excluded!

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