Class Action

Class Action

When necessary, Migrant Legal Aid will represent a whole class of migrant farmworkers. Below are examples of some of our class action cases.

Blue Star Farms

Workers alleged that Blue Star Farms didn’t pay the minimum wage and failed to keep and maintain accurate records. While Blue Star denied these allegations, Migrant Legal Aid was able to settle the case after almost two years of litigation. As a result, the dispute settled for $200,000, on behalf of a class of 330 migrant and seasonal farmworkers. The Judge noted that Migrant Legal Aid went “above and beyond” in their attempts to find class members, including visiting every known address in Michigan, and asking other advocates to do the same in Florida and Texas. Michigan Radio did two stories on this case that you can read here and here.


This unique lawsuit exposes Monsanto for using crew leaders to rogue and detassel corn.

Kent County Farm Labor Contractor

According to court filings, a Kent County farm labor contractor promised to pay workers $12.75/hr for an anticipated 36-hour work week under a contract through the H-2A program. In reality, laborers worked more than 36 hours per week and were not paid as promised in the contract. This lawsuit is on-going, and we encourage anyone with a similar experience to contact Migrant Legal Aid.

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