Fair Food Project

Michigan Fair Food Project will involve Outreach and Education, with new print materials for distribution at meetings and outreach to the migrant camps.  Each year would involve an agenda/program of events and planned contacts with the migrant and grower community statewide.

For Migrants:

Community meetings in our new learning center

Outreach to the camps to educate and view conditions

Education sessions to include:

              How to calculate wages owed compared to piece rate.

              How changing laws affect workers

              Rights and responsibilities of Michigan workers

              Special program focus of Women’s health, including domestic violence issues

              Special programs that focus on Children

              Child Labor


              School Access


Other Social Services

How to handle interactions with law enforcement

Assistance and referral for immigrants to community resources

Assistance to individuals with Limited English Proficiency

For Growers:

How to attract and maintain good workers

How changing laws affect employers

The most recent I-9 procedures and how to follow them

How to hire without discrimination

Techniques to ensure fair food practices

Understanding your rights in interactions with law enforcement, immigration audits, and “Courtesy Alerts” of workers concerns.

For Seed Corn Detasselers:

Our Mission

Helping the Community Protect Migrant Farmworkers

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