• Slighting the Hands That Feed Us

    Our Director's Michigan Bar Journal Article Explains Need for Better Employment Laws and More Frequent Court Enforcement How Labor Laws Leave Farmworkers in Left Field.  Michigan Bar Journal, November 2016, Employment and Labor Law feature, by  Teresa Hendricks Pitsch.

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    • 28 December 2016
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  • MI Drivers License Bill – Amended

    What does this mean for Undocumented Farmworkers? If you're undocumented, you're still not a "resident" and not required to have a Michigan driver's license.  You can still drive using a license from these countries.  What changed as of 3/29/17 You now need your home country's license translated into English, with your photo.  Documented people from other countries -- not on the list above -- can now drive.  You can use an International Driving Permit if your country recognizes them; or you can use a document that has your photo, is translated into English, and substantially corresponds to an International Driving

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  • OSHA’s New Safety Standard Excludes Farmworkers

    This is incredible.  Farm workers were historically excluded from labor laws enacted in previous eras.  This has been a long and shameful discriminatory past.  But then this happens:  in the year 2016, when we have a chance to include them in labor protections, OSHA says not so fast.  Excluded!

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